What our families have to say:

Karen, and The House of Timothy, have been invaluable resources to us, and a large part of what made our birth experience so positive. Karen was there to support us in any way we needed from the time we met during my pregnancy, until after the baby was born. Karen genuinely cares for women, and their families, and has quickly and eternally become a part of ours!
— H&K
My experience with my doula Karen was amazing. She helped keep me calm thru out my contractions. In ways as massaging me , helping me breath thru my contractions , using the ball and as well when it came down to pushing. She was very helpful at every visit with information. I’m very thankful for her being there for me. Never forget her and all her generous help.
— -Karla
Having Karen as my doula was one of the best choices I ever made for my pregnancy and post-pregnancy experience. Everything about Karen, from her wealth of resources and advice, to her calm and balanced vibe and wisdom with handling all varieties of people and situations, was spot on and more than I could have asked for in a doula. Throughout my pregnancy, Karen made sure to visit weekly to answer questions, bring books and videos, and get to know me as she walked me through various birth experiences and opinions on the many decisions to make through pregnancy. I immediately felt comfortable with Karen, and her expertise proved to be invaluable to me and my baby; I honestly don’t know how my pregnancy and birth would have gone without Karen by my side. My parents, even after only meeting her the one time at the birth of my son, fell in love with Karen as well, and greatly appreciated having her expertise and help. They could easily see how Karen calmed me down and kept me focused, and felt that she handled the situation exceedingly well, never overstepping her boundaries or the aid of my parents, but always being there wherever she was needed. I think that every woman needs Karen Bradley for her pregnancy. I was so overwhelmingly grateful for all of the energy and love Karen invests in every mom and child to provide us the most beautiful experience possible.
— JE
I was advised to apply for Karen’s help by one of moms. And now I can definitely say without any hesitation that it was a right choice. This amazing woman was for me not only a doula, she became a part of my family. Her role was great in my labor and delivery, as well as in preparation in becoming a mom and afterbirth. 
I received enough emotional and informational support from Karen in pregnancy prior to labor. I didn’t hesitate even any minute to contact and ask about a piece of advice if needed it. 
I received enough emotional and informational support right before going to the Hospital as well. Even speaking different languages (English is not my native), we had such a great understanding between each other. Karen has the ability to read her clients by languages in access what the client needs.
I felt like my Birth Doula was leading me to take a certain form of action.
When I think of Karen and her presence during the birth of my daughter I am amazed by her resolve and stamina- I thought I would be doing all the work but I quickly realized how physically and mentally taxing being a doula must be. Karen helped me through something I could not imagine and when I was tired and scared she loved me and cared for me and stood by me. She helped me in every way possible and did not stop caring for me after the baby was born. I remember her getting me a drink afterward and thinking - she hasn’t left yet?! She must have been exhausted but never showed it- she just kept caring for me.
I can’t wait until the day I can tell my daughter about the day she was born and the special woman who helped bring her into this world.
— Daria
I met Karen at a very vulnerable time and at around 34 weeks into my (first time mom) pregnancy. I read through all kinds of pregnancy books, watching videos, reading blogs, and looking up every new little thing I came across throughout my pregnancy. Yet, none of those things could replace the relief I felt having Karen become my doula. Her care, love, and nurturing guidance helped me focus on my goals of a positive birth and the well being of my little man. She is a source of great support well after my labor day. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone and anyone with a little one on the way! 
— AM
The House of Timothy has gone the extra mile in offering hands-on, material, and emotional support when the baby was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 19 days; spending countless hours holding and emotionally nurturing the baby. Those initial crucial hours of bonding and support for me brought calm and reassurance that no medical staff at the hospital could have. They have continued to provide all the baby necessities and comforts since coming home. This journey would have been extremely stressful without their help and support. I am grateful beyond words.
— MH
I want to thank The House of Timothy for all you have done for my family, and your continuous and generous help for my girls, it has helped me so very much. Than you for responding to my urgent needs with diapers, wipes, clothing, etc., you have been a huge blessing to me and my family, and without your generous help, it would be a real struggle. God bless The House of Timothy for all you do for families in need.
— Evelyn
My experience with Karen has been wonderful.  I don’t think I could have gotten through the whole journey of pregnancy to giving birth as well as I did without her. It was such a blessing to be able to have the support, knowledge, and wisdom that she provides guiding me and comforting me through it all.  All of my questions and fears were put at ease because of her and I don’t know anyone with as much experience as she has with everything that goes along with having a baby.  I’ve also never seen someone with as much love and passion that she has in working as a doula and being there for you and your baby whenever you need anything at all! I will be forever grateful to Karen! She’s the best!
— Sabrina
I honestly don’t know what I would have done without the help of The House of Timothy this past year. It can get very expensive to diaper a child. I do try to buy diapers when I have the money, but, The House of Timothy has come through with diapers for my sons when I am in tears, not knowing how I am going to care for my children. All my thanks and blessings go out to them
— Brittany
The services received during and after my pregnancy were excellent. So glad to have had the support!
— Melanie
I highly recommend Karen Bradley to any expecting parent! I’ve never had a doula with my previous births, but wouldn’t do it any other way from here on forward. She is so very wise and has opened my eyes to so much knowledge I was not previously aware of! She is calm, loving, caring and genuine! I will absolutely have her at each and every birth in my future! We love you Karen!
— Emily
I am not so sure I would have made it through my pregnancy without the support I received. Just stress management alone was so beneficial to both me and the baby, and my 6 year old son as well. Thank you!
— Desiree
The House of Timothy stayed by my side for 27 hours straight during my labor and delivery. This support was invaluable, It was physically hard and emotionally scary bringing my son into the world, but The House of Timothy’s support and knowledge helped me immensely. They were a lifesaver!
— Aleasha
Karen was my doula for the birth of my son in June 2015 and was wonderful.  She was attentive, supportive and comforting throughout my pregnancy and when it came time for my son to be born, she stepped into “superstar” mode! My son was born at home and he came very quickly!  Karen was the only person attending me while we waited for the midwives to arrive as my husband was busy trying to fill the birthing pool.  Because my labor came on so fast and furiously, I think I was in a bit of denial that it was actually happening!  Karen did a great job of keeping me calm and empowering me.  My midwives arrived about 5 minutes before my son was born so Karen basically coached me through the entire process.  After the birth, Karen stayed with us for about a week to help us out.  She was so great about preparing healthy meals and snacks and helping with grocery shopping.  That first week is so hectic, so it was invaluable having her there to help!  I would highly recommend Karen because she is professional and truly cares about what she does.  
— Lisa
I couldn’t have done it without you! You were amazing!
— C
With The House of Timothy, I had all the resources I felt I needed to prepare me for the birth of my first baby boy.
— Molly
I loved having my doula there for me during my pregnancy. She supported me in every way she could, respected all of my wishes, and was a real help in the hospital. I am so glad I got a doula to help. She was a blessing!
— Heather
Our doula made numerous visits before the birth of our baby girl to educate us on the days that were to come. Each time my wife went into the hospital I reached out to our doula for comfort, and she was always there for us, helping us understand the process and what our choices were. When we went into labor our doula was there within the hour, and was very knowledgeable in all of her techniques and was able to help us emotionally and physically.
— Cleburns
For first time parents who didn’t know exactly what to expect, Karen was an invaluable asset to have during labor and birth. She helped make my wife as comfortable as possible and taught me massage techniques to do during contractions so that I felt helpful. Her calm presence and experience allowed me to be in the moment and I’m grateful for that.
— MD
I never thought about having a doula but when I met Karen my  whole life changed. I’ve never met a women so wise and so loving. She made me look at my birthing  experience  in a new light. The more we met, the more confident  I became. I knew what to expect because this beautiful, spiritual woman was there. I was able to deliver my son Judah all natural, something I prayed for. I am breastfeeding and loving being a mother. God bless doulas, but most of all I thank God  for Karen Bradley.
— JS
The House of Timothy has been a Godsend for me as a single mother struggling with a toddler that has recently been diagnosed with sensory issues and developmental delays.

They were able to provide a mini trampoline that can be used for my sons ongoing therapy sessions at our home. They also provided me with a large box of diapers/ wipes that have really helped out as I struggle to find ways to keep up with the financial demands as a one parent family.

This important organization is vital to parents and is a lifeline for valuable information and resources that are available in our community.

They have a heart of gold and understand the tremendous need for parent education and community outreach.
— Laurel