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Regeneration Program at House of Timothy


Please take some time to familiarize yourself with House of Timothy’s program. We try as best we can to help you understand what you are committing to for your healing and change. It is not exhaustive of the “Resident Handbook” which the resident must utilize and comply with while in the program. You will be given the Resident Handbook and other documents upon your acceptance and entering of the program.


House of Timothy is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Christ-centered residential regeneration program helping young adult men between the ages, 13-17 who struggle with physical, sexual, psychological, spiritual trauma, alcohol and drug addiction, pornography and sexual addiction. This 12-month program consists of a rigorous work schedule, class work, group and individual counseling, medication (if needed), administration and implementation of spiritual practices.


House of Timothy works actively and intentionally to provide an environment that fosters spiritual formation in the lives of all its participants both staff and residents. Through research and spiritual growth, we have developed a holistic approach that incorporates mind, body, spirit, and community. Spiritual formation is the core of our healing process focusing on the

growth and development of disciples of Jesus on a daily basis.

Change your mindset

We have seen the Spirit of God work in amazing and effective ways through this process in the lives of residents and staff. As a result we believe replication of components of our process in churches, counseling communities, and educational institutions would have considerable impact in the lives of Christ followers for His kingdom.

The Program:

House of Timothy program is a strict, no-nonsense community where your recovery must be more important to you than it is to us! Residents are expected to work the program and exhibit a desire to change. We are best suited to help those struggling with early adulthood transition. Candidates not at a point where they will surrender to the process need not apply. The staff genuinely cares about you and will not tolerate anyone sabotaging your recovery – even you!


House of Timothy is a smoke-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free environment. Appropriate medical prescriptions are allowed. Applicants may be wards of the state or mandated by the courts. Because we receive no state or federal monies, and accept only young adult men, ages 13-17, House of Timothy reserves the right to accept or reject anyone.


A week at House of Timothy consists of a balance between individual and group therapy, small group class time, worship, and physical labor.



Resident Housing Fee: $3 750 per month

House of Timothy offers three levels of scholarships. Please contact us at or call us at (407) 906-4769 to receive the Sponsorship Agreement Form and to submit proper documentation for a scholarship, if applying for one. 


You must complete the “Resident Application” and mail, or email it to House of Timothy at After 5-7 days, call us inquiring about the status of the application and to schedule an interview.

Also during this time an interview date will be set up with the applicant. In person interviews are preferred, however if distance is a problem, we will interview you over the phone or Zoom.


After the interview, the applicant is instructed to call back in 1-2 days to see if he was accepted. If accepted and at the applicant's request, he will be placed on a waiting list and asked to call in once a week to check in.


Finally, when we have an opening, the applicant will be notified of an intake date.



The following information and expectations is to help you understand the commitment you are about to make. More detailed resident guidelines will be provided at entry to the program.

What you can expect:
  • An environment which allows you to focus on healing in a relationship with God.

  • To be taken seriously as a person created in the image of God. Sincere, honest questions will receive a like response.

  • Genuine love and care. God has given us a love for those who are struggling with issues and problems such as yours.

  • Discipline and guidance.

What is expected of you?
  • Sincerity: You must have a sincere desire to change in character and conduct.
  • Honesty: Mutual trust is important. Complete honesty and openness is the goal as you begin to trust the process at House of Timothy and the people placed in your life to help you.

  • Humility: The proud person will struggle with the authority and structure of House of Timothy – ultimately you will not finish the program if humility is not learned. A lack of humility prevents teachability.

  • Obedience: We do not ask for mindless obedience; however compliance to the guidelines and the authority structure is essential for us to help you. (See the “Resident Handbook”)

  • Commitment: You must arrive with the goal of completing the first 21 days of Induction. At the end of that time, you will be asked to commit to the 12-month program if we believe you are ready, and we are able to help. Remaining in the program requires a continued commitment to the program, personal change in character and conduct, and a willingness to continue on the path of healing identified by the staff.

  • Diligence: You must demonstrate a willingness and growing ability to follow the rules and satisfactorily complete homework, journaling, and work duties with a positive and teachable attitude.

For Your Consideration:

Some people may find that this is a difficult program – and it is. This is intended! Understand that you will…

  • Be supervised and accountable to the staff. Some might be younger and less experienced in some ways than you.
  • Living arrangements are in a twin size bed setting – privacy and personal space is limited.

  • The schedule is structured and free time is limited.

  • This is a work program! 

  • This is a Christ-centered program, (See our “Statement of Faith”) Expect your thoughts and beliefs to be challenged. Expect that you will be changed in the process! (We believe for the better.)

  • Your words and behavior will be scrutinized and challenged if it does not exhibit the character and conduct of a follower of Christ.

Boundaries and Discipline

Behavior not tolerated:

  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, abuse of substances or drugs.
  • Talking boastfully of your past sin: sexually explicit or suggestive talk; vulgar language; complaining or unconstructive criticism; sarcasm, taunting, ridicule, and joking at the expense of others, gossip, abusive language

  • Stealing from the ministry or any other person.

  • Destroying of ministry or another’s property.

  • Violent or hateful talk or behavior (fighting, intimidation, or threats)

  • An argumentative attitude or behavior.

  • Antagonistic behavior towards others.

Music: Only certain types of approved music are allowed to be played in our rooms. Generally, music that is understandable, positive and uplifting in nature is considered. All music is approved by the staff for use during the program and residents may not bring, buy or suggest music for approval and use until they attain Phase III status.

Reading material: All reading material is approved for use by staff. Generally, material that does not affirm or glorify sinful behavior, negative thoughts and attitudes, the occult, other religions, or new age thinking, is allowed.

Religious: Promoting other religions by any means is NOT allowed.

Personal contact: Inappropriate physical contact between people of the same or opposite sex is not allowed.

Relationships: Developing romantic relationships with any other resident or staff person is not allowed. Friendships with the same gender are encouraged. Limited casual relating with the opposite sex is monitored.

Dress code and appearance: (more details can be found in the Resident Handbook)

  • Clothing or jewelry that identifies with your unhealthy past or sinful lifestyle is restricted. You will be asked to wear cloths to properly and modestly cover your body.
  • Piercing or body art is restricted: You cannot have any exposed piercing.

  • Personal hygiene: cleanliness and neatness is required.

  • It is expected that you will be diligent and responsible in fulfilling the program requirements as to class assignments, journaling, reading, Bible study, and church services, etc.

  • It is required that you be on-time to all activities that make up the daily schedule.

  • You MUST get a haircut before your intake day

Discipline and correction:

Consequences to improper attitudes or behavior are given as a result of violating the guidelines, will be given in the form of additional work, homework, or revoking of privileges. Circumstances that might lead to a resident leaving the program:


You will be asked to leave if….

  • Medical issues arise and become a serious obstacle to normal participation in the program.
  • Your emotional, psychological, or spiritual needs turn out to be beyond the ability or existing expertise of the program or staff.

  • There are significant omissions or falsifications of information on your application or in the interview process.

  • Attempting to smuggle in or use tobacco, drugs, pornography, weapons, or anything else deemed to be a threat to yourself or others into the community.

  • Violence, or treats of violence, taunting to provoke violence, or creation of an atmosphere or intimidation is engaged.

  • A pattern of inappropriate relating with members of the same or opposite sex or pursuing a romantic relationships with another resident or staff person.

  • A pattern of lying and deception

  • A pattern of abusive language

  • An influence on others that is destructive or demoralizing

  • Being caught (without a staff member present) outside of the resident dormitories after lights out or before wake up in the morning.

  • Walking off the property without permission.

Reentry to the program may be possible in some cases. This will depend on the reason for dismissal and the dismissed resident’s attitude, thinking, and behavior.

Outside Contact:

Contact with the outside world is very limited while you are in the program. Any off campus activity is “covered” by a staff person or a person that the ministry can trust.

  • Phone calls are limited to “safe” people and for a certain amount of time based on the base of the program you are in. Calls will be monitored.
  • Mail is limited to safe and supportive people.

  • Romantic relationships outside of marriage are asked to be terminated while you are in the program

  • Visits are limited during your time in the program (see visit documentation for details). Generally, visits with trustworthy people or staff are granted depending on which phase of the program you are on.

  • All belongings and the attire you arrive in will be searched upon arrival. We reserve the right to search you or your belongings at anytime and upon departure.
  • You may not have your personal car or any other mode of transportation on the property.

  • Personal electronic devices of any kind are not allowed. (Special needs or circumstances must be approved prior to your arrival.)

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